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Review: The Betrayals

The Betrayals The Betrayals by Fiona Neill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 ⭐⭐⭐ - OK decent reads.
Nick ==> ex-husband, cheater, selfish, vain, asshole.
He did not think about the others or the consequences of his actions when he decided to leave his wife and two children to move in with his mistress, his wife's former best friend. Douchebag until the end. I hate him! Once a cheater, always a cheater!

Lisa==> Bitch, envious, selfish, narcissistic, homewrecker.
Married with two children, she does not think twice about dropping everything and starting an affair with Nick, her best friend's husband. She simply did not think of the destruction she caused on the way, she saw Nick and coveted him and took him. She took her ex-best friend's husband and her childhood home. Selfish whore! She only thought of herself until the bitter end.

Daisy ==> Fragile, vulnerable and traumatized.
The abandonment, betrayal, and divorce of her parents caused serious psychological disorders in her. Suffering from debilitating OCD, she was very traumatized by the events of that summer and by the betrayal of the father. Plus Ava, Lisa's daughter, was her best friend but she is tormenting and ridiculing her in school. From then on her life became a struggle.

Max ==> Intelligent, sensitive and with a great sense of guilt.
He also carries traumas caused by the events of that summer and he is used as an emotional crutch during his sister's OCD crises. He is looking to get rid of Daisy's dependence on him, is tired of living with this emotional tension. He is always protecting his mother and sister.

Rosie ==> strong, sensible and a warrior.
She was caught off guard by the betrayal of her husband and her best friend. They destroyed her world and she was left alone trying to gather the pieces and put the family on the rails again. Nick left the family and went to live a new life leaving her with two traumatized children and a career that demands a lot of her, everything for her to handle alone. She really was exhausted for a long time, both physically and mentally. But she got over it and got her head in a good place now.

He didn’t mention Lisa once and I couldn’t bring myself to discuss her betrayal with him. She had been a part of my life even longer

‘Twenty per cent of men leave their wives when they are sick, whereas only two per cent of women leave their husbands. It’s a big problem.’

I have made many mistakes but falling in love with Lisa most definitely isn’t one of them. She is the love of my life.

She is thinking only about everything she is about to lose, not everything that I lost.

Bloody Gregorio keeps emphasizing the need to make peace with anyone Lisa has wronged. And I’m terrified what she might tell her.

But now I wish I could transpose Rosie’s brain on to Lisa’s body.

‘Rosie won’t want to see me. Not after what I did to her.’

‘This is karma, Nick. Look and learn. The truth catches up with everyone eventually.’ She doesn’t mean it to sound like a threat but somehow it does.

‘You are a liar, Dad. Just admit that you are a liar. Tell Max what you did,’ commands Daisy.

Ava shot me a gloating smile that said she had made it to the other side of puberty to a place where her body worked in her favour and she had the power to bend the will of even men like my father. She had left me behind. This was her first act of betrayal.

‘You took Molly to France?’ I asked Ava incredulously. I couldn’t believe it.

The urge to kiss her perfectly shaped lips was overwhelming. I wanted to explore her mouth with my tongue and then run it down the rest of her body. Once the idea entered my head I couldn’t see any other possible ending to the day. But just as my lips were so close to hers that I could feel her breath on my face, Lisa unexpectedly sat up and her chin smashed into my nose.

Lisa and I had been gone for the best part of a day and the shops must have shut hours ago. Even worse, I had forgotten to get the main ingredient for dinner. There were no crabs.

‘Do you want to see my tits, Nick?’ ‘Don’t do that, Ava,’ I commanded, glancing back to the house to check no one else was watching. ‘Or would you rather see Mum’s? Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you look at her.’

It was so easy for Nick to fall out of love with me. That was the hardest part. There had been no fights fought, no hateful words exchanged, no emotional grandstanding. Nick later said this reflected the lack of passion in our relationship.

Nick didn’t want to put up a struggle because he didn’t think our relationship was worth fighting for.

‘How could he? How could she? How could they?’ she said, over and over again, as if she was conjugating verbs.

‘Only prime numbers are infinite,’ said Max. ‘I’m amazed you haven’t learnt that. I thought you knew everything and now I realize you know nothing. You are full of shit.’

‘He loves Mum but not as much as he wants to fuck Lisa!’ I heard myself blurt out.
‘Well, it’s true, isn’t it?’ I shouted angrily at them both.

Max was wild-eyed. ‘Every day I am going to pray that Lisa dies a horrible slow lingering death,’ he said venomously.

I heard her once tell a friend that Dad and Lisa had robbed her of her past and future and that all she had left was the present.

The bad part of me – the part that wants an easy life, and wishes I didn’t have a sister like this – was hoping she’d cancel.

‘Relationships are like plants, they need good soil to grow, especially at the beginning, and from everything that Lisa has told me, the roots of your partnership were nourished in deception, lies and other people’s misery,’ says Gregorio. There is a nip of triumph in his tone that I hope Lisa notices.

She always said the same thing. I used to find it boring but now it seems comforting. A sensible woman, my ex-wife. Sometimes I wish I had married Lisa first and Rosie second.

‘Where am I?’ I ask Max. ‘What are you talking about, Dad?’ Max asks curtly. ‘It’s as if I don’t exist. There’s no reference to me anywhere,’ I say. ‘What do you expect? You haven’t lived here for years.’ He is uncharacteristically brutal. ‘Don’t be so needy.’

‘Daisy saw you and Lisa having sex in the dunes when we were on holiday in Norfolk that summer. She was in the pillbox, watching through the window.’

‘Can you imagine what that did to her, seeing her dad screwing her mum’s best friend? She was only thirteen. And then she had to keep your sordid little affair secret for six months until Mum found out. No wonder she got so ill. That’s why she tried to hurt Ava. She wanted Lisa to suffer like you’d made her suffer.’

‘They fell in love. Or rather they fell in love with the idea of each other. We didn’t stand a chance. And I was a mess, which didn’t help.’

The fug of lust had clouded his judgement and he hadn’t realized how Daisy and Max would view his departure as a double betrayal.

Mum always warned me to watch out for her ruthless streak. ‘What Lisa wants, Lisa gets, no matter who she tramples along the way,’ she always used to say. ‘She’s a survivor.’ But I never dreamt I would be the one who ended up being trampled.

There are pictures of Lisa and Nick on holiday, sometimes together, sometimes with friends, including a couple I see regularly who have never mentioned they still see them.

‘It wasn’t just your responsibility. It was Nick’s too,’ I remind her.

She scrolls through more pages and there are pictures of the girl with one arm around Nick’s neck and the other inside his shirt. I feel like a dirty voyeur.

Why on earth would he bring a Tinder date to Dad’s wedding?

I saw her a couple of seconds before she noticed me. Even before she looked up from her phone I knew it was Connie. There was something about the tilt of her head and the curve of her neck. So I had the agony of panicking not just about my own response but also her reaction.

She was wearing a short dress with long sleeves and the brooch that I had bought as a gift for Lisa but had impulsively given to her after she happened to mention that she was interested in Indian art.

I tried not to look at the way her hips swung in front of me and her dress clung to her buttocks. I remembered that first time her finger drew a line down my forearm when I was buying papayas. It had felt like a religious experience, as if I had been brought back from the dead. We had gone out dancing and had drunk so much, the only way we could stay upright was to cling on to each other.

But discovering that I am sleeping with the same girl as my son pretty much negates anything positive I have ever done. People have rotted in hell for less.

I kiss the bride chastely, eyes closed, trying not to think about Connie. She’s standing so close to me that, if I wanted to, I could reach her with my hand. I wonder how I will sleep through the night knowing she’s in the room next door.

When I pull away from her to gently brush it from the sleeve of her wedding dress I realize that it’s not confetti at all. It’s dead ladybirds. I frantically try to get rid of them, but their dried feet hook on to us like burrs,

my relationship with Rosie: it was too anaemic. If I had stayed married to her I would have turned into the pillbox on the beach, slowly being entombed in sand. Boredom is a slow form of death, isn’t it? Everything with Lisa has taken place in glorious unpredictable Technicolor.

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Review: Tainted

Tainted Tainted by Jamie Begley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

1 ⭐- Ugh! Didn't like it or triggers or pet peeve!

Zero is an asshole and Zeroine is a dumbass. Mix bdsm and menage and the mess is complete. I did not like the heroes and some things deeply irritated me. I could not remember the story and I think I liked it the first time I read it. It does not hold for second reading.

After the concert, he had picked two from the mass of followers, who trailed after them from concert to concert, hoping for the chance to come into contact with the band members.

Kaden was singing with Alyce on the stage. They were dancing in a way that looked more like humping to Sawyer, and the crowd was going nuts. Alyce’s ass was grinding back on Kaden’s dick as his arms circled her waist with his hands pressed flat on her stomach, pulling her back to him.

I’ll give you a warning, though; the next time you want me to kiss you, I won’t make you ask me. I’ll make you beg.”

Kaden was sitting on one of the lounge chairs with a pretty woman sitting next to him, while her hand was casually rubbing his thigh.

These women here didn’t want to be friends; they wanted what time they could get with the band, without an outsider trying to get inside their little group.

“You can’t get pregnant, either. I had a vasectomy years ago. I have no desire for children in my life and I have no intention of paying child support for kids that aren’t mine.”

“I want this shaved. If you haven’t taken care of it by the next time I fuck you, then I’ll do it myself.”

“Then ask me nicely.” Sawyer knew what he wanted to hear. “Please, Kaden. I want your dick.”

“I can’t stand to be around babies,” Kaden said, walking to his motorcycle.

A knife stabbed in her heart as she watched Briana’s chair screech back from the table, leaving Kaden sitting at the table with his cock in Alana’s hand. Sawyer rose to her feet, determined to follow Briana’s example.

Kaden adjusted his hips as the woman he picked up from a popular nightclub, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his dick out with nimble fingers.

Sawyer didn’t need to be told what they thought. There was no comparison between herself and Tatiana.

“I didn’t mean to cause problems between you and Kaden.” He broke into the uncomfortable silence between them. “Yes, you did.”

R.J. was a snake that had betrayed not only her, but also his friends who’d trusted him.

She sucked Ax’s cock into her mouth, feeling her mouth stretch wide to take him. He leaned back, raising his hips to thrust further into her mouth. Kaden maneuvered her body until she was on her knees between the men and her pussy was within reach of his mouth.

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Review: Teased

Teased Teased by Jamie Begley
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2 ⭐⭐ - Meh!

Serving three of his five-year sentence had been hard, but now it was over.

“I never got the paperwork,” Colton said coldly. “I thought we would wait and see how we felt after you got out. I don’t want a divorce,” Tessa said softly,

“Tessa, our marriage was over when I found out you were selling pussy to feed that habit of yours. You almost destroyed my business and you put me in prison.

“Who the fuck is that?”
“That is Vida, she’s Goldie’s daughter.”

==>SEX OW<==
A knock sounded on the door just as Colton was about to reach for Rae again.

==>SEX OW<==
They kissed for several minutes before Colton pulled his head back. “It’s good to see you again, too, Tracy.”

Leaving the bathroom, she rushed down the short hallway as the bed banging against the wall started echoing through the apartment.

==>SEX OW<==
Colton held the door open for Wanda to leave, motioning for her to be quiet. With a quick kiss, she went through the door. He shut and locked it behind her, turning to go into the kitchen.

He had no problem filling his bed each night with a different woman, the tattoo shop and past pick-ups provided a steady flow to satisfy the hunger that had gone unfed the three years in prison.

“How much longer is this going to go on, King? I have a life—” Colton began. King cut him off. “Which watching over Vida hasn’t hindered in the least. You’ve had a different woman over every night, and other than a few hours of watching her at your shop and at night after she gets done here, you haven’t been inconvenienced at all.”

Vida came to a dead stop seeing Tessa sprawled across the couch completely naked.

He obviously enjoyed a variety of women and Vida had no intentions of being just another piece

==>SEX OW<==
Vida kept her face expressionless as the waitress from the Waffle House came into the room looking disheveled and stinking from sex. Colton walking behind her paused as they both became aware that they were no longer alone.

Vida wished just one time she could have an uneventful night without any of Colton’s fuck buddies coming and going. She was beginning to think the room at King’s wasn’t all that bad.

==>SEX OW<==
“I didn’t need you to butt in and explain anything to Tammy. It was none of her business.”

==>SEX OW<==
Vida lowered her eyes back to the computer, already knowing it was a woman at the door; it just remained to be seen which woman he’d called. Vida recognized the voice of the woman that he had given a tat to last week.

==>SEX OW<==
Colton won the next hand and with a pot of a grand he chose Juliet to give him a dick shot.

The waitress from the waffle house was back and she was standing at the stove frying the hamburgers. Colton was leaning casually against the counter.

“Have you ever let anyone play with this pretty, little pussy before?” Vida tried to jerk her hips away,

“Why are you still a virgin, Vida?

“I am going to save myself for one man. A man who I know is going to love me as much as I love him, and won’t leave me for the next piece of pussy he sees. He will be as committed to me as I am to him. That will not be you, you’re a horn dog, and you’re married!” she yelled. Colton rose up from his relaxed position, bringing his chest against hers.

“I swore I wouldn’t end up like my mother, yet here I am, packing groceries back to an apartment three blocks away from where I grew up.” “Fate’s a bitch.” “Yes, she is.”

Several even kissed him on the mouth, taking turns. Vida’s blood was beginning to boil. “Calm down, they’re just saying hi,” Gert said by her side. “They don’t have to use their tongue to do it,” Vida replied sharply.

Sherri told me the only reason you were stripping was to help your friend Sawyer.

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Review: Kissing Jenna

Kissing Jenna Kissing Jenna by Kristen Proby
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 ⭐⭐⭐ - OK decent reads.
I have chosen so many bad books lately that I found this story was decent. Just imagine the level of the stories I chose to read. I have a rotten finger. LOL!
Our hero is a famous actor who has his life determined by his sister who manages his career and his studio. He goes at parties and shows up with the women they choose. All for advertising.
Our heroine is an independent woman who does not give a damn about his fame.
They get involved and fall in love quickly, but because of the publicity he continues to ignore her in public. She is very upset about this, but agrees to stay in the shadows.
His sister is a class A bitch and tries to interfere, after all he is the goose of the golden eggs.
But the couple overcomes the differences and has HEA.

“I’m doing all right. I won an Oscar last year.” “Congratulations on that, by the way. You also got yourself a DUI and had a very public breakup with your girlfriend.”

“I’m not okay with being his dirty little secret.”

“I mean, seriously. You are never this careless. You’re seriously letting a snow bunny fuck everything up for you?”

“You’re falling for her?” Nina’s voice is full of shock and dismay. “Jesus, Chris, you were supposed to go learn how to ski, bang a few girls, and come home refreshed. Not get attached. This can’t work.”

“She’s amazing, Nina, and I won’t disrespect her by making it out to either be nothing at all or something dirty. So, for now, we don’t say anything at all.”

“Did you really try to text him?”
“Of course, not,” she says.
“Because I wanted the opportunity to have a little girl-to-girl chat with you.” I sit across from her. “Well, here we are.”

“Maybe his sister sabotaged it.”
She narrows her eyes. “I love my brother very much, and I know what’s best for him, and it’s not some little snow bunny in BFE. What, did you think you’d get married and have a whole flock of babies?”
Trust me, as soon as we get on that plane headed back to L.A., Christian will forget all about this and you. He did what he came here to do: learn to ski and fuck a willing girl.”

Nina is a first-class, grade-A bitch.

“I’m a sister.” She shrugs. “But I don’t think I would have done what she did.”

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Review: From Lukov with Love

From Lukov with Love From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Queen of Slow Burn returns with full force!
A story about enemies who fall in love.
An ice skater with bad attitude and no filter is without a partner to compete and the only option is the brother of her best friend. The only detail is that they are eternal enemies. With each encounter they provoke each other and exchange rudeness. But as he is the darling of the public is she who always looks bad.
I just got hooked on the story from start to finish and I was enchanted by the characters and I fell in love with the story.
Our heroine has a strong personality and does not accept disrespect or injustice with loved ones. She appears to be rude and grumpy, but inside is a girl seeking love and approval of the family.
Our hero is apparently an idiot, but gradually we get to know him and we'll discover that appearances can be deceiving. Our hero with his pets is very cute.
And in the end we have an epilogue, I just love to know what happens after the HEA.
I recommend to those readers who want a story with more depth than sex scenes.

==>my feelings exactly<==
"I had serious trust issues, but honestly, the more people I met, the more I didn’t want to meet more."

“She hated Snow White when she was a wittle baby.” “Why?” It was my mom who answered. “Because she… what did she used to call her? A lazy fart that took advantage of men?”

"Love to me was honesty. Being real. Knowing someone’s best and worst. Love was a push that said someone believed in you when you didn’t."

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Review: Twisted Up In Us

Twisted Up In Us Twisted Up In Us by Dawn Martens
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I liked the story and I confess that my favorite character is Hangman. He that motivated me to finish reading.
Melissa was treated very poorly by Dray. They fucked and he was so stoned that he does not remember anything and soon after he is already in the alley fucking another woman.
He treated Melissa as yesterday's trash. But she forgave him.
Dray's wife appearing at the time of the wedding was not favorable either. And the discovery that he was still married and had children was the nail in the coffin.
I have not liked him since the previous book and my black heart was not sensitive to his story. My sympathy was all with Melissa.
As soon as Slammer enters the story he completely wins me. He sees Melissa and already knows exactly what he wants and changes his behavior to achieve his goal.
So our author gives a twist in the story that made me so worried... But soon my black heart was beating again by Hangman's intervention.
Perfect ending!

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Review: Reluctant Bride

Reluctant Bride Reluctant Bride by Janis Flores
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Encontro Marcado - Sabrina, Nova Cultural - paperback edition - portuguese
Reluctant Bride
Janis Flores

O melhor personagem de toda série é Grace.
O herói tem uma namorada e tem a intenção de pedi-la em casamento, tanto que carrega o anel no bolso. Mas não teve coragem ainda. Esta namorada é perfeita para as necessidades dele que precisa de uma mulher que se contente em ser figurante na vida dele.
Eles já tiveram um relacionamento antes e terminou muito mal... ela se sentiu usada por ele e ele a achou ambiciosa demais e não se enquadrando na visão machista dele.
Agora as coisas continuam complicadas... um pouco de drama e continuamos acompanhando Grace e sua saga para abrir sua loja e seguir com a separação do marido traidor.

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