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Goalie (Juked #3) by M.E. Carter

Goalie (Juked #3) by M.E. Carter

Kindle Edition242 pages
Published February 18th 2017

Review in Portuguese and English.


a player in the goal whose duty is to prevent the ball from entering or crossing it 

See Santos and Mariana DeGuajarado 

As goalie of the Texas Mutiny, Santos is damn good at protecting that net. But he never bothered to protect his marriage. 

Letting the fame and notoriety go to his head, he lost the things he loved the most… his wife and kids. Now he has one shot to make it right before losing at this relationship game and he’s determined not to miss this time. 

Mariana has been scarred so deeply by Santos’s betrayals, she will carry the wounds forever. After almost ten years of marriage though, she knows him well, and she knows he won’t let go without a fight. Still, she refuses to be a push over. 

Because love is never enough… 

#assholealert #cheaterscumbag #cheater


Eu li várias resenhas negativas e então resolvi ler o livro para ver qual era a coisa toda.
A autora escreveu uma história bem realista e que não vai deixar aquela sensação boa ao terminar a leitura, mas faz pensar.
O herói é um atleta profissional que transa com as groupies que cercam os jogadores do time dele. Durante os 10 anos em que foi casado com a heroína e tiveram os 3 filhos deles ele trai a esposa dele inúmeras vezes com mulheres diferentes. O herói deixa o leitor com muito ódio e nojo do comportamento dele.
Ela enfim acorda para a situação e o chuta para fora de casa e pede o divórcio. A heroína é a típica que foi traída e foi a última a ficar sabendo de tudo.
Ele reluta em aceitar a responsabilidade pelo ocorrido e continua cometendo os mesmos erros.
Nossa heroína fica firme nas posição dela e aos poucos vai ficando mais forte e independente apesar de ainda continuar amando o herói.
Eu confesso que se estivesse no lugar dela eu chutaria a bunda dele e não tocaria mais nele nem com a ponta do meu dedo. 
Mas ela aos poucos vai perdoando e ele realmente tenta mudar o caráter dele e se tornar uma pessoa melhor.
Eu fiquei esperando ele trair novamente até o final e fiquei com a sensação de que ela vai ter uma vida muito difícil tentando ter paz sabendo que ele não vai estar lá fora transando com outra mulher. 
A confiança nunca mais será a mesma e não sei se mesmo um grande amor vai sustentar o casamento deles. Mas ele pareceu estar disposto a mudar e realmente aos poucos foi demonstrando isso.
Gostei da leitura e mais um traidor para minha lista de leitura.
I read several negative reviews and then I decided to read the book to see what was the whole thing.
The author wrote a story very realistic and it's not going to let that feeling good when you finish reading, but makes you think.
The hero is a professional athlete who has sex with his groupies that surround the players of his team. During the 10 years he was married to heroin and had 3 children he cheated his wife numerous times with different women. The hero leaves the reader with a lot of hate and disgust of his behavior.
She finally wake up to the situation and kick him out of the home and asks for a divorce. The heroine is the typical who was cheated and was the last to know everything.
He is reluctant to accept responsibility for what happened and keep making the same mistakes.
Our heroine is firm in her position and gradually gets stronger and independent despite still loving the hero.
I confess that if I was in her place I'd kick his butt out and wouldn't touch him anymore even with the tip of my finger. But she will slowly forgiving and he really tries to change his character and become a better person.
I was waiting for him to cheat again until the end and I got the feeling that she's going to have a very hard life trying to have peace knowing he won't be out there having sex with another woman. The trust will never be the same and I don't know if even a great love will sustain their marriage. But he seemed willing to change and actually slowly came to demonstrating that.
I like reading and more a cheater to my reading list.


"Admittedly, I haven’t been exactly celibate since Mari left me."

"there has never been a time in our entire relationship when Santos wasn’t cheating on me. Not in college. Not when we first got married. Not when I was pregnant. Not ever."

"How could you do this to me? To us? How could you humiliate me like that in front of everyone we know? Do you know what that’s like?"

"You’re not sorry for doing it; you’re sorry you got caught"

“So it never occurred to you that you kissed these whores on the mouth, probably right after they got done sucking someone else’s dick without a condom, did it?”
“God, Santos. It’s a wonder I don’t have herpes in my mouth, you asshole.”

"How many more pieces of myself can be broken before I disappear forever?"

"Have I really changed my patterns enough for Mari to trust me again? Obviously not since I just got a blow job from some random chick."

==>rolando de rir aqui! LOMAOF!
“You’re saying Santos cheated on me for all those years because he might have a medical condition that exacerbates his stupid superstitions?”
“I call bullshit.”
“Why?” I laugh, humorlessly. “Because we were married for ten years. He could have easily come home and gotten his ‘medical condition,’” I sarcastically use air quotes, “… under control with me. But he didn’t. He chose to go out and bang any groupie who was willing to spread her legs for him. No way. He made a choice. Every time.”

==>the prospects don't look very favorable for the couple
“Mari, the kind of trust I broke doesn’t take weeks or months to rebuild. It takes years. Years. You have every right to doubt me. I can promise all day long, but in the end, the only way to help you feel better is to show you. Never be sorry for looking. Never be sorry for reminding me not to let my guard down. This is how we’re going to rebuild what was broken. Together.”

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