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Sarah's Child (Spencer-Nyle Co #1) by Linda Howard

Sarah's Child (Spencer-Nyle Co #1) by Linda Howard

Paperback251 pages
Published August 1st 2006

Review in Portuguese and English


A tragic accident took everything that mattered to Rome Matthews -- his wife, Diane, and their two little boys. And it robbed Sarah Harper of her best friend. In the two years since the tragedy, Sarah has wanted to reach out to Rome, but she knew she needed to stay away, guarding the secret she had kept from him and Diane all those years -- that she was in love with her best friend's husband. But now Rome needs her. And though another woman will hold his heart forever, Sarah agrees to be his wife, knowing that everything has a price, including love. Then something totally unexpected rekindles her hidden hope that a marriage of convenience will become a union of love. Will Rome keep fighting his own growing need for a woman who dares him to believe there are second chances in life... or will he give in to the healing power of love and miracles?


Sarah embarca em um relacionamento completamente fodido. 

O herói ainda ama a esposa morta e sofre a perda dos dois filhos pequenos deles. 
Ele sente tesão por ela e a pede em casamento assim ele tem sexo e companhia. Ela ama ele desde que o conheceu e ela aceita assim mesmo que ele oferece. 
Eles transam e imediatamente ele sai da cama dela e vai pra cama dele dormir sozinho porque ele sente falta da esposa morta. Tudo muito impessoal.
Ele avisa ela desde o início que ele não quer filhos porque nada nem ninguém vai substituir a família que ele perdeu.
Aí o impensável acontece e Sarah engravida.
Ele exige que ela aborte a criança. 
Mas ela se recusa e ele a trata como se a criança não existisse e se recusa a saber sobre a gravidez ou a criança. Sarah sofre calada e aceita tudo.
Aqui é o ponto onde eu realmente odiei a atitude dela e a aceitação de toda porcaria que ele fez como se isso fosse a coisa mais normal do mundo. 
Eu tive vontade de gritar com ela e demandar uma atitude de coragem e espinha dorsal. 
Ela aceita tudo como se o herói tivesse o direito de ignorar a criança, afinal o coitadinho estava sofrendo. Francamente me irritou muito!
E quando ela fica imaginando até colocar a criança para adoção só para não perder o amor do herói. Fiquei muito brava! Que mosca morta!
Mas no final tudo deu certo.
Sarah embarks on a relationship completely fucked up. 
The hero still loves the dead wife and suffer the loss of their two small children. 
He feels the hots for her and asks to marry him so he has sex and companionship. 
She loves him since he met him and she accepts what he offers. They have sex and immediately he gets out of her bed and goes to his bed to sleep alone because he misses his dead wife. All very impersonal.
He warns her from the beginning that he doesn't want kids because no one will replace the family he lost.
Then the unthinkable happens and Sarah gets pregnant.
He demands that she abort the child. 
But she refuses and he treats as if the child did not exist and refuses to know about pregnancy or the child. 
Sarah suffers quiet and accepts everything.
This is the point where I really hated her attitude and acceptance of all the crap he did as if it were the most normal thing in the world.
I had the urge to yell at her and demand an attitude of courage and backbone. 
She accepts everything as if the hero had the right to ignore the child, after all the poor were suffering. Frankly annoyed me a lot!
And when she wonders to put the child up for adoption to avoid losing the love of the hero. I was very mad! That dead fly!
But in the end it all worked out. 


“You"re thirty-three years old. Why in hell would you still be a virgin?”

"What would Diane say, if she knew he"d just seduced her best friend?"

"He was gone, but then she"d never had him, not in any way that counted. She hadn"t had his trust, or his love."

"He almost groaned aloud, thinking of another wedding, and Diane"s radiant face as she came down the aisle to him, the hunger in the kiss he"d given her at the end of the ceremony. His wife! Diane had been his wife, and he"d never thought an-other woman would occupy that position, bear that title. Until the ceremony had begun, he hadn"t had any doubts about this second marriage, but when the familiar, haunting words reached his ears..." 

"He knew that no other woman should be in his mind tonight, but he couldn"t stop thinking about Diane, couldn"t stop comparing her to Sarah."

“I"m sorry,” he said in a low, raw voice. „Things have re-ally hit me hard tonight, and I can"t…I have to be alone tonight. I"m sorry,“ he said again, waiting for her reaction."

"Sarah knew, in his heart his only wife was Diane."

"I can"t accept another child, so don"t…don"t ask me to try."

"I can"t do it. Don"t have the baby. If you love me, don"t…don"t have the baby.”

“I"ll try to keep the baby away from you, out of your way. I"ll never ask you to care for it, or hold it. I swear, Rome, you"ll never even have to know its name if you don"t want to! For all in-tents and purposes, you won’t be a father!”

"But I don"t want to know about the baby,” he said

“I don"t want the baby between us. Take care of it, yes, but when I come home at night..."

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